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ASA is a leader in the field of Ground Source Heat Pumps or GSHP that use the Earth’s renewable source of thermal energy. ASA is ranked as number one in Europe and second Worldwide when it comes to The Largest GeoExchange Systems (with more than 10 kilometers of vertical drilling per project). We are ready to use all our technical experience for helping you to find the ideal heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions for any type of building.

We offer you design and consulting services, as well as the opportunity to build the HVAC systems with the help of a professional team.

While we possess all the equipment and endowment necessary for completing large scale projects, we are also available for engineering the HVAC systems that will bring comfort into your homes.

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    Briefly about us

  • Why us?
    Because when it comes to Ground Source Heat Pumps systems we are Number 1 in Romania, Number 1 in Europe and Number 2 in the World ...
  • ASA expertise
    If we mention “ELI-NP”(Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics), the largest geothermal energy using project in Romania and the second in size worldwide, we will let you draw a conclusion about our expertise…
  • How we work
    Our objective is to offer our clients the most efficient system, designed and built in the shortest time possible…